As we grow older, our bodies go through stresses in life from daily activity.  Over time, this can cause Subluxation degeneration, which can be painful, forcing you to watch life from the sidelines. If you feel like the pain in your back is taking the joy out of once-loved occasions, it might be time to do something about it. By learning about degeneration, you could save yourself from this pain, and prevent your family and friends from having to watch you suffer.  Correcting this degeneration through chiropractic care can help you stay healthy whether in pain or showing no symptoms at all.

What you should know, is that a once-perfect and straight spine can go through a process of “degeneration,” which causes the vertebrae to fuse together. This misalignment of the vertebrae of the spine is known as “vertebral subluxation complex.” To better understand what this does to your body, here are the four phases of subluxation degeneration broken down and explained in greater detail.


In the first of the four phases of subluxation degeneration, the normal curve of the spine changes. This does not necessarily mean that there has been any damage to the spine, but it does signify that there is a difference in the disc spaces. More often than not, there is no pain associated with this phase. However, without the proper chiropractic care, the spine will continue to misalign, which leads into phase two of degeneration.


Along with misalignment continuing, the normal curve of the spine is lost and disc spaces, in this phase, begin to narrow. Range of motion may be limited and patients can feel stiff or achy. Chiropractic care can help bring back near-normal functions, but the damage done to the discs and bones may be irreversible.


Without the proper care in phase two, spinal fusion will begin. Disc damage and an abnormal curve can become permanent during this phase, as the degeneration of the spine worsens. Progression can be slowed or stopped with chiropractic care, which would relieve the patient of symptoms they may be having.


In the final stage of the four phases of subluxation degeneration, quality and longevity of life in the patient is decreased. Bone and neurological damage are permanent at this point, as the vertebra become fused. Range of motion in the patient can be seriously restricted and cause a number of health issues.

However, not all hope is lost after the fourth phase of subluxation degeneration. By seeking the proper chiropractic care, patients can relieve pain in other areas of the spine. In doing so, balance to the patient’s brain, nerve system and body can prolong the need for medication or surgery while still maximizing optimal spine functions. With chiropractic care, you could be able to lessen your pain and start enjoying life again.

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